Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing

Expert Plumbers Keeping Your Tubs, Faucets, and Toilets Maintained Since 1991

Maybe you’re tired of your bathroom looking like it belongs in a museum, or perhaps you just want to replace an old toilet. Either way, if you live in Perrysburg, Perrysburg Plumbing, Heating & AC is the plumbing company to call. Our local plumbing company has been helping people in Waterville, Maumee, and Perrysburg, get the bathrooms of their dreams for over 32 years. From top-notch products to competitive pricing, our plumbing service experts are equipped with everything necessary to maintain, install, and repair your restroom fixtures.

Call 419.874.7163 to get a quote on bathroom remodeling in Maumee or Waterville.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Plumber

Many people take a DIY approach to their bathroom plumbing projects. A lot of them end up regretting it. In their attempt to save a few dollars, homeowners often do irreparable damage to their tubs, pipes, faucets, or toilets. At that point, they end up tossing in the towel and reaching out to a plumber local to Perrysburg or Maumee. If you find you can’t handle your bathroom plumbing project, how do you ensure you find a company that can? Well, in our opinion, the best plumbers:

  • Can Handle Anything: A true Perrysburg plumbing expert will listen to you and will arrive with the tools needed to correct it. If something unexpected happens, they will not panic. Instead, they will present your options and outline possible solutions. Our fully-stocked trucks enable our Perrysburg plumbers to fix most toilet, tub, and shower issues in just one visit.
  • Are Licensed: You wouldn’t let anyone without a doctorate work on your intestines, so why let anyone without a plumbing license work on your bathroom? This certification proves an individual or company has the expertise necessary to handle most plumbing issues in the Perrysburg area. If your request for license numbers is denied, skip to the next plumber on your list.
  • Have a History of Customer Satisfaction: What do the plumbing company’s former customers have to say about them? Check out their reviews on Google and other platforms. Ask your family and friends what they think about them. If you notice a bad review, evaluate their responses for customer care and professionalism.
  • Respect Your Time: Professional plumbers know the importance of arriving on time. They won't leave you twiddling your thumbs as an appointed time comes and goes. They are also willing to work around your schedule. At Perrysburg Plumbing, Heating & AC, we have flexible hours and a steadfast dedication to showing up when we promise. If something comes up on our way to your home in Perrysburg, we’ll phone ahead.

As you can probably guess, our local plumbing company checks all of these figurative boxes. We are true experts who are ready and willing to do what it takes to restore your bathroom comfort.

For Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Perrysburg, Choose Us.

When it comes to house value, few rooms are as important as your bathroom. That's why investing in a facelift is so often worth it. Even if you're not planning on selling, a few simple changes in the water closet can lead to huge lifestyle improvements.

Do you cringe every time you look at your pea green subway tiles? Are you tired of your rust-stained tub? Creaky toilet? The lack of a shower? Your bathroom’s ugly wallpaper? Well, whether the changes are functional or cosmetic, we’re here to make the bathroom of your dreams a reality! From planning the project to helping you find a tile setter, our plumbers can help manage the entire process.

For a quote on bathroom remodeling in Perrysburg or Maumee, we invite you to reach out to us by phone or form.

How We Can Make Your Bathroom in Perrysburg More Comfortable

Our Perrysburg plumbers understand how all elements of your bathroom are related. For a truly pleasant experience, all of them must work in perfect harmony. While we may not build walls or demolish ugly tile, we can handle any fixture or pipe with water flowing through it. Below are a few bathroom plumbing services we provide:

Tub Replacement

Our plumbers can replace your old tub with a nicer, newer model. When we do so, we’ll also handle the disposal of the old one. That makes our plumbing company a great choice for tub installation in Waterville or Perrysburg.

Kiss that Old Tub Goodbye

Faucet and Sink Repair

Is the dripping of your tub or bathroom sink driving you mad? Then, it’s time to call Perrysburg Plumbing, Heating & AC’s faucet repair experts. From simple washer replacement to full replacement, our plumbers have you covered.

Stop the Dripping

Toilet Repair

Is your toilet about to overflow? Does it never stop running? Is there a leak at its base? Well, whether the issue is major or minor, our local plumbers can help. Toilet repair is one of our specialties and one we’re proud to offer.

Get Things Flushing Again

Toilet Installation

There comes a time to retire every toilet. Whether the reason is because of a costly repair or just a cosmetic issue, Perrysburg Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Give us a call to schedule your toilet repair or new toilet installation in the Perrysburg area.

Install a New Throne

Shower Installation

Looking to turn a half bath in Perrysburg or Waterville into a three-quarter one? Then, reach out to the plumbers at Perrysburg Plumbing, Heating & AC. We can quickly install your shower and lessen the likelihood of a crowded bathroom in the morning.

Make Mornings More Convenient

Perrysburg’s Bathroom Plumbing Experts

Perrysburg Plumbing, Heating & AC is a trusted bathroom plumbing expert in Perrysburg, Maumee, and Waterville. From full-service drain clearing to tub replacement and toilet repair, our plumbers are equipped to handle anything your home throws at it. But our expertise is just one part of what makes us great. We also understand the importance of a customer-first mindset, something reflected in our Google reviews. To experience what sets us apart, call (419) 874-7163 to get a quote on your bathroom plumbing repair or remodel.

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Contact Information
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24 hour emergency service available
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24 Hour Emergency Service Available
7 days a week
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